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    • DSH Nauta Mixer
      DSH Nauta Mixer
      Conical mixer is normally used for mixing pigment, dyestuff, chemicals, battery, etc.The main features are: full discharge and no leftover; gentle mixing no damage to fragile material; Lo...
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    • LHY Ribbon Mixer
      LHY Ribbon Mixer
      LHY horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, food, and construction line. It can be used to mix powder with powder, powder with liquid, and powder with granu...
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    • LDH Plough Mixer
      LDH Plough Mixer
      Plough mixer is widely used to mix powder, granule, and small liquid additives in food, chemical, and construction line.
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    • FKM Paddle Mixer
      FKM Paddle Mixer
      Horizontal single shaft mixer is equipped with special designed paddles, which is widely use to mix granules and granules contained material, such as plastic granules, seasoning material, diss...
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    • WZL Double Shaft Mixer
      WZL Double Shaft Mixer
      Double shaft mixer is widely applied in chemical, biological, and construction material. It can mix powder, granule, and fiber especially in battery, construction, environmental, mineral and ...
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    • CM Continuous Mixer
      CM Continuous Mixer
      Cm-series continuous mixer can achieve feeding and discharging simultaneously. It is normally matched in the large scale production line, on the basis of mixing material evenly, it can ensure ...
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    Shanghai Shengli specializes in mixing equipment research, design, manufacture, sales and service. In past 26 years, we go deeply mixing processing filed and related technology, devote to research different kinds of mixer, modify and perfect existing mixing system, and develop new-type mixer equipment.
    Company production environment

    Our factory covers an area of about

    20,000 m2



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